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Jennifer Lewis founded Butterfly Nursery in 1999 with the vision of creating a warm, nurturing environment that supports the development of young children and fosters learning and exploration. At Butterfly, we believe in the importance of play and in engaging our children in learning through our philosophy of guided discovery. To do this, we create a rich learning environment and tailor our curriculum to the specific interests of our children. We treasure each child as unique and nurture an environment where children can learn and grow through a participatory, holistic and child-centered process. All the developmental aspects of a child are integrated: emotional, intellectual, social, creative, physical.

The Importance of Play

We strive to provide an exciting and safe place for children to initiate and choose, be free and responsible, experiment and discover, play and make friends. Children at Butterfly learn about the world through active exploration and play. Our curriculum is tailored to our children’s interests in order to honor and explore each child's potential.